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 About me, Throy

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PostSubject: About me, Throy   Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:41 pm

Hi fellows,
This is me, Admin. I just wanted to talk about myself. Of course, if you got any question for me, just take it here or is it personality, take it by PM. Thank you.

Anyway, I livee in Stockholm (Sweden) with my boyfriend. We have been together in one year now, so that is what I want to celebrate. And he got his borthday soon. I don't really got a advance thing to give him, so I give him some money and a card.

I used to live with my mother and stepfather... stupid... I hate him. But anyway, then I got my father as a neighbour. Luxury, huh? So I can go up and down and visit my father every day! I really got a great time then. But there was some problem. One is that me and my stefather maked a noise and he has ignore me for one year now... and he doesn't allow my boyfriend to come... Stupid adult. Anyway, so now I got a great time. Of course, I visit my mother and father sometimes, I now in the summer I really got to take the chance. And I really need to practice on "Driveexercise" or how to say. My father payed a lot for me. So I'll get going.

Thanks for me, pal. I hope you all to introduce yourself too!

// Throy (Girl)
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About me, Throy
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